Posted by: energyblogwalter | January 30, 2006

and it begins…

Hello my name is Walter. I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada and I made this blog to hold my musing specifically regarding energy and power generation issues.

I have an electronics and computer background, so I'm trying to make a living document of cogent ideas.

The idea is that through rambling-on about energy issues I might stumble upon useful nuggests of information useful to myself and others.

I'll review books I've read from time to time on this subject. Also I wanted a spot to hold interesting links on the web regarding cool DIY projects with things energy related.

I'm of the opinion that it would probably make some kind of SENSE to prepare for a world of reduced oil and no nuclear generated energy.

What if I don't believe that my city / provincial / federal government has a clue regarding alternative energy? What are my alternatives? What can I do?


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