Posted by: energyblogwalter | January 31, 2006

Geothermal Heating not so tough afterall

There’s a nicely detailed article about geothermal heating over at Popular Mechanics that was linked to another blog I check in with from time to time. There’s this family in Vermont who are living off-grid and one entry came with a nice picture to give you a sense of the scale and usage of geothermal. Found the relevant connected article and linked here. It’s from 1998, so I’ll assume that the technology has improved, and depending on area, better contractor bidding too.


  1. My parents’ housing development was made with geothermal in mind. How many new houses get this added at construction? A seemingly expensive frill now, but I would suspect that as prices continue to rise for home heating and summer air conditioning, this would be worth it over the life of the house. You don’t have to even wait that long though. Typical return on investment is 2-6 years from the date of this article.

    Next time your government talks about adding nuclear, or a gas power station in your city, see if they can answer to geothermal. This is all similar to another post regarding using the lake for air conditioning. All a whole lot cheaper and a faster return on your taxes too, regardless of scale.

  2. solid!!!

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