Posted by: energyblogwalter | January 31, 2006

Re: Power Plant is coming premier tells T.O.

Letter to the Editor: Toronto Star

If you knew the boat had a leak would you go purposely out on the lake into a rainstorm? Can’t we just start plugging the holes instead? Like turning off TTC lights after hours and updating them in the day to low watt halogen? How bright do you need Bloor station to be anyway? I hear Calgary has been retrofitting it’s street lights and saving millions. A lot of tall buildings near the waterfront, all facing south no less, and no one is considering solar co-generation?? I wish us luck. The greatest improvement you can make to your personal electricity load is a new refrigerator so please check it out. Since apparently we don’t have a choice anyway except to be blind and stupid, (thanks premier) had the government succeeded in using the funds instead for more old appliance amnesties, new conservation, and wind along the lake, this would have poked too many holes in their plans to go nuclear. Since ordinary businesses and people would have made that energy or saved it, at a profit, it might have sparked a new cycle of profit for more local generation.

UK has towns winning international energy efficiency awards. London may be next. However we’re not leaders. As a citizen in the largest city in the largest polluting CO2 country per capita in the world why not at least follow real leaders in this area? Solutions exist. But it’s not the price we can’t afford to spend it seems. Rather at what cost to our future can we afford to bear?



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