Posted by: energyblogwalter | February 3, 2006

Letter to the Premier

Hello Premier,

As a citizen of Toronto, there are other options to enforcing a powerplant upon a city in an election year. Also you’re re-election is coming soon. Good luck with that.

Better to spend our money on refrigerator and air conditioning amnesties to reduce the *actual* power load on the system. If I recall, during the blackout of 2003, many businesses who were the real draw on he system were asked to not use electricity in order to reduce the load. What are we doing about offering co-generation to these businesses as a power option? How many of the largest users have co-generation right now? How is this not a proper return on Ontario’s investment? How can this not be a priority over residential?

If only some of these businesses ran their electricity loads when we are all asleep at night, we could be sharing the power and working together.

Energy will be an increasingly personal development. The irony is that by making it personal, people will then want to use their power more wisely and not waste it, unlike now. By changing it away from price to cost, this changes our energy mindset. Then they can send the excess back to the powergrid for money. This is a win-win. This is the solution in other countries and cities.

We need regulations on allowing wind turbines. We need co-generation. We need to wake up and smell the solar panels 😉

Did you know that the basis of the Enwave Deep Water Cooler is that geothermal…works? Every business, apartment and house can utilize the ambient temperature below them in the ground to significally reduce their cooling and heating costs.

In Japan, companies make washing machines that use far less energy and far less water than here for the same task. Talking to a friend recently I was surprised to learn how she had always had solar panels ever since she was a kid. Other countries use triple pane windows, are inspected for heat leaks, and no longer use hot water heaters operating 24/7 for 2 hours of need.

We live in a wasteful society. I know for one that I’m ready for the change away from nuclear, gas and oil to more responsible intelligent and profitable development. I would like your leadership, but please don’t wait too long, we’re not going to wait.

Look at Boston energy law regarding paying the grid, Davis County light ordinance in California, California inverter law, Calgary light switch-over for street lighting. UK town winning internatinal awards on energy. These should be your inspiration.

Look to that, toward the obvious future. Not backwards, to an obvious disaster.




  2. Davis County, California outdoor lighting control, enacted 1998

    Calgary Herald article on the light conversion saving millions

  3. Note to self: If you let the refrigerator recharge at night and use a battery during the day, wouldn’t residential demand fall dramatically?

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