Posted by: energyblogwalter | February 21, 2006

Request for Energy Section in Toronto Star :: Toronto Star February 21, 2006


I’d like to request that the Star create an Energy section. You have sports, condos, wheels, gta and more but not a specific energy section. Please forward this to the right department. Thanks.

Can’t we add energy to the section list? We are facing fundamental changes to the economy North South East and West. Oil is about to peak. Yet we can’t even bother ourselves to change our lightbulbs from incandescent to fluorescent. This would be all about trends on how we are going to live in the next 25 years, effecting every topic above. Can we not have a section devoted just to energy issues? You would never run out of topics, I can assure you! They would also play off other sections regarding their consequences.

such as:
-how those families with their own power did it during the 2003 blackout?
-wasn’t there a cottage made for $40,000 in Muskoka, is off-grid, and looks great?
-challenges on living off-grid
-what is living off-grid like? what are my choices? do i have to like motorhomes?
-if people have to sleep and are not themselves active 24/7, why do we need 24/7 energy? Can’t we split the debate between people’s needs and the needs of industry?? Industry energy needs appear to be completely different, but nobody is talking about that. Why not?
-can you have non-toxic garbage in an incinerator handle the energy needs of Ontario and the looming garbage crisis in Toronto? What have other countries/cities done? How do we compare?
-how about composting, isn’t gardening a billion dollar industry?
-where are the best spots for wind energy in the province?
-if there are old tv towers connected to houses, can’t these be turned into wind turbines?
-what’s new with hydrogen power? how did the inventor of metal-hydride batteries make hydrogen pellets?… and can I get some?
-how’s Calgary doing converting all it’s street lights to energy efficient ones? how much money did they save? how long is it going to take?
-in Toronto more than half the people live in apartment buildings, yet there are no solar panels or wind turbines on these buildings. Since they would be mostly empty during the day anyway, (low grid usage), why can’t these tall sun-struck wind stands have solar panels and turbines pumping energy back into the grid? Wouldn’t that make these buildings cheaper?
-what bank products are in place to help home-owners, property management companies convert from the old and into the new, reducing their energy bills?
-we live like modern cavemen, every room has a light because we didn’t design our buildings to take in and use the sunlight properly. What companies and processes in place and in development are changing that?
-If we did design for the sunlight, what would it look like? If we had these new designs for our choices wouldn’t we choose the new cool buildings instead? are there any?
-What do builders think? If building for the sunlight is cheaper and more enjoyable than our current buildings, who is taking the business case? Who are the world leaders? What’s holding us back?
-what laws are available for everyone to update their residences with new energy?
-why is co-location energy for industries so limited?

Yes, sorry I think I could go on forever. But I think that’s also the point too. Would it not be very enjoyable reading knowing that there are people, organizations, and companies who are not taking the old approach to modern living and are doing so creatively and profitably, and read that everyday?? Governments are just too slow.

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend an Energy section. It could be part technical explanation and social issues with pieces inbetween. I would like to know about real people putting real solutions to work, and I think others will too. It could also shed light on pending world issues like peak oil and effects on international food production.

Of course, if you need any help, I would (obviously) really enjoy being involved in the research required to keep a newspaper or website section like this fun, thoughtful, provoking, yet mindful of the opportunities that people make happen everyday.

Let me know what you think 😉


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