Posted by: energyblogwalter | March 3, 2006

dvd review: End of Suburbia

Yes I finally watched this documentary on the end of suburbia. All the points were put together in an interesting way, so if you need to talk to someone about peak oil, this would be an excellent primer. Both historically on what exactly suburbia really is, why its failed, and where we’re headed.

I was struck later on that a hydrogen economy is an unlikely event, would take too much energy to create and just another version of techno-fix escapism mindset. That was a big reality check for me.

Also unlikely we have enought time to retrofit nationally regardless of any national solution. The problem is just too grand. Although a bit disconcerting overall, and perhaps fearsome for some people new to the concepts, this is a welcome change to understand the blunt consequences to avoid fear.

You truly do need to understand to move forward. Building a positive consciousness of the issue is going to be most of the problem as those who can’t/won’t let go will do anything to hold on rather than understand that it’s time for a change of attitude.

An important ephipany of realizing your own personal responsibility to yourself and others in the (near?) future. Also really points out that this is not something you’re going to survive alone in a barn somewhere with a can opener and eating month-old beans.

I was a bit disappointed at the length of the film at 1 hour. However it got all it’s points made. I think if this film takes off it could generate some interesting ideas about how we live and work. The live-locally motto I think is the most positive message here.

At the end you’re more wondering where are you going to be eating in the next 5-10 years more than what you’re doing. Guess I better take up gardening.

4/5 stars


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