Posted by: energyblogwalter | April 4, 2006

Why no Peak Oil coverage? :: Toronto Star April 4, 2006


You’re my paper. I delivered papers when I was a kid. I still enjoy
all the columnists and special sections to the Star. Chantel Hebert
is back. Things are good. You’re there for the community too.
You’ve tackled issues on urban planning and policing yet there is one
issue which I read about everyday that I cannot find in the Star, and
that is Peak Oil. ( rocks)

Here’s a link of another person writing to Fort Worth Star Telegram
and the The Dallas Morning News, also regarding the lack (apathy?)
regarding this issue in the media, in far finer words than I could put
together citing important people, links, and events.

It’s American, it’s serious oil industry people ($$$) describing the
end of the oil industry. I don’t make much money, but these people
do. And they’re concerned. This seems important to me. Seems useful
to know. Even read from this website links regarding that the
Pentagon and US Army is presenting arguments for conservation of
energy resources!? The US Army? Not your average environmental
organization.. Also struck me as a warning flag. This will in part
put arguments to bear on our mission in Afghanistan, which are timely
and newsworthy. Anyway, I don’t know why these issues are not in my

What started all this was watching a movie documentary. You can also
get the End of Suburbia DVD at Sam the Record Man on Yonge street (as
I did) which is only about 1 hour long but puts the issues together
for you. I’m reading The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler
which is how I came across the link above.

Would be important to your business section, to new in homes, to
wheels, to food, to everything and anything. Your gardening section
will certainly increase. We need to start having symposiums supported
by our local papers on this issue. We need to start getting the word
out there. I believe that with a Toronto Star analysis of this
website, letter, and the issues that are raised, will command a city,
provincial and national discussion on what needs to be done.

But I need your help. Just read over the link above. If it interests
you further I’d encourage it.

I really hope we’re in time

Thank You


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