Posted by: energyblogwalter | May 5, 2006

Matt Simmons interviews

Some great links recently with interviews of Matthew Simmons, author of Twilight in the Desert: (aug 6, 2005) (april 29, 2006)


  1. quote from first link:

    MATT: We can all clamor for energy data reform. That’s the one thing that can happen before the end of this year [2005], and where are mandated field by field quarterly production reports, and the number of well bores each of those fields have; some data on proven reserves we don’t even need. That’s the only thing we can do and effect in 2005, and that system being mandated would allow less than 30 people in less than 30 days to come up with a realistic supply assessment over the next 3 years, and pretty well prove or disprove we’ve actually now exceeded peak oil, or it’s right ahead of us. That’s the one thing that every person in the world has a role in demanding that happen. And if people say, “Naw, that’s not important,” we fully deserve every bit of pain we’re going to get. [1:02:29]

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