Posted by: energyblogwalter | May 16, 2006

Dynohub Bike & Wind generation

Links on rectifying old bike light bulb generators. First one is great bike repair and general bike FAQ.



  1. always check eBay for dynohub’s. There’s only ever about 10 for sale at any time, and all from the UK too.

    no point in using a direct bulb (or LED etc) with this, but shunt to a battery/resistor circuit then use a bulb.

    For hub circuit schematics try as I doubt there could be more detail provided anywhere else. Has also tons more links for hub circuits.

  2. basic idea, hub generator, full 4 diode bridge rectifier converting AC to DC, parallel batteries, light. To not have so much loss consider the link about for advanced circuits to overcome rectifier losses.


    How to make a cycle powered generator (In General)

    The basic requirements;

    1. Cycle and stand: You need pedals on a crank, and something comfortable to sit on. Additionally the whole thing needs to be made stable in some way so that it doesn’t fall over or move about when in use.
    2. Generator and regulator: You need an electrical generator that is made to turn at rotational speeds high enough to produce the required output. You probably need some way to regulate the output to a reasonable
    3. Drive and gearing: The crank and the generator need to be linked together in some way and you almost certainly need some form of gearing to reach the desired speed of rotation.

  4. Actually I just like this site. A bunch of guys making stuff and seeing how it goes. Here’s a link to their Hamster Powered night light. See their links for more useful projects and circuits.

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