Posted by: energyblogwalter | May 29, 2006 :: The Alt Fuels Distraction : The Alt Fuels Distraction

Simple key points on practical means of reducing our oil / energy dependencies and how politics is preventing solutions. Since the American (and to a lesser extent Canadian) system is predicated on making everyone happy, we're left jaded that anyting politically will ever matter on this issue or that any single response will ever come to pass.  You can hope I guess.

The following statement could be applied anywhere, just replace American as needed: """Policymakers are terrified to tell constituents that big upheavals are coming and big changes are needed. They prefer to propagate the illusion that one set of fuels can simply be swapped out for another, with no disturbance in the hyperconsuming, big-box retailing, suburb-expanding American way of life."""



  1. This is termed the psycology of previous investment by a few documentaries.
    From others I like the poker game analogy with all your chips in on a dead hand. Anyone can see you're going to lose anyway but you only keep playing because of your chip investment, not because it's wise. Peak-Oil, All-in!

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