Posted by: energyblogwalter | May 31, 2006

Letter to the Premier: Kyoto and Quebec Support

Hello Premier;

I am greatly concerned regarding the recent announcements by the Conservative government in Ottawa regarding climate change as well as our appalling showing in Bonn recently for a summit on the Kyoto Accord.  Not a proud day for Canada.

Given the reports coming out of that meeting, our reputation as Canadians has been stained.  As most of the growth in our CO2 emissions are from Alberta tar sands waste, will you please join Quebec in supporting the Kyoto Accord and programs for reduction of CO2?  I haven't heard anyting recently.

If goals of health and reduced deaths from smog reduction cannot be merged with our worldwide Kyoto committments then when can they?

Please don't let the view of a myopic prime minister covering up for the tar sands deny your leadership and affirmation for Kyoto. 

This CO2 issue is largely also the coal plants issue too.  I understand that this is a problem to remove.  If this were a poker game though, and you put all your chips into a pile, knowing you'd lose the hand anyway, it's ok to fold.  But I can understand your political reluctance.  It is possible to recover however.

Given the future of Peak Oil and the upcoming worldwide energy crisis in oil availability I'm afraid coal will be around for many decades to come.  This is okay, if we at the same time move to do all we can to reduce CO2 in coal electricity production or other means.

How to square the two politically?  Obviously you don't want to see reversing a committment.  However you could say, that in the new light of an impending Peak Oil crisis rather than remove coal we really want to remove the pollution of coal and its CO2.  What we really want is for pollution to end so that we can breath again.  What we really want is the world to help each other reach that goal.  This was the point of the Kyoto Accord. 

To continue with coal or not doesn't matter.  However we can at least affirm Ontario's committment to reduced pollution and reduce deaths from our continued support on the Kyoto Accord.  This will in turn build bi-lateral Quebec ties on this issue, forcing Ottawa to stop ignoring Ontario.

check out for a Peak Oil explanation.  We don't have a lot of time.

Thank You


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