Posted by: energyblogwalter | June 8, 2006

Reaction :: Final thoughts on UK trip

Your post made me think about future transport. I'll muse a bit here… any references I should look at?  Thanks..

Not sure how this would work in Canada.  I suppose busing cars into trains is a solution for traffic, but this strikes me as a waste of resources given the short peak oil timeframe but also the time delays you mentioned. Likely only if the current infrastructure can be retrofitted, not from scratch elsewhere.

If in North America we instead mandated more rail with delivery removing trucks this would reduce traffic density and highway repair stresses as well.  This would reduce the time issues of the car commuter with less road competition, while financially supporing a rail network through business, surely a higher volume traffic.

For the commuter I'm thinking that rail for long distance and bicycles for short would be more practical in a no-longer-car-for-personal-use future.  Thus encouraging rail stops closer to residential areas or development closer to hubs. A lane of highway now could be put to use for rail perhaps in either case.

In the meantime, more car delays have the side benefit of asking the commuter why they are travelling all that way to begin with, questioning their living arrangements/unsustainable suburbian lifestyles a bit.

The long/short mix of Rail/bike for commuters and Rail/truck for deliveries may encourage relocalisation and new urbanism city reconstitition but would need focus and a lot of lead time.  

I'd imagine though that it's cheaper than the maintenance cost of rebuilding dying highways every year, and still get us home at a reasonable time through diversity of transport selection.

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