Posted by: energyblogwalter | June 9, 2006

All warrenties set to expire on the same day?

Two things. My birthday last week and a friends wedding put my brain into gear regarding "the future". I'll keep doing my technical stuff but I know it can't last. We're going to be evicted from this but I do not fear it anymore. I actually think it will be quite liberating.

Remember movies of the week on WWIII in the 80s? And how the causes could be the Berlin Wall or Soviet Union issues of the cold war creating a worldwide disaster or threatening nuclear war? Looks funny now I guess, but I'm sure people were worried about it at the time.

Now what? Where are the new boogeymen? Religious Extreamism, North Korea weirdness, Middle East unrest. And by the way, we now have the possibility of the US economy collapsing, sending Canada/RestOfWorld down into that blackhole, Climate Change rendering our food supply unsupportable among other things, and oh..Peak Oil making transportation impossible. Nice arch really. You couldn't have filmed a better disaster.

Unlike the political issues of the 80s, the Climate Change and Peak Oil double wammies created by us this time follow scientific measurable results. This year looks like it's going to be another record hot summer. Bugs will spread diseases in now-warmer regions, there will be water shortages, wildfires, and storms, floods and hurricanes. This isn't looking like a cultural decision or political solution anymore. This is chemistry and geology. This is our planet telling us to buzz off. And it's right outside our sealed curtained windows.

I suppose this is also the effect of news fatigue. No one watches the news as it gets more and more depressing. This just becomes self-fufilling and more people tune out. As if you needed a summary of things you didn't do anything about today. More "reality" shows and info-tainment to fill up our useless lives. And let's drive to nowhere. We made ourselves drones.

I'm amazed that my old high school science classes, which I never really put to use, have seemed to have prepared me from the ooze of stupidity from the political establishment or lack of news on any issue of any depth. It's kept me curious if nothing else. Science and Chemistry 101 has trumped $$$ everytime but this means that I'm just poor. Weird world this.

When global warming / climate change came into mainstream media it seemed like a no-brainer to me. Stick a bunch of people into a sealed smoke room and the results are pretty obvious. Stick the same people doing the same things on a grassy knoll and the same implications are lost. We actually spend time explaining this. We're killing our future but it's a nice day, why worry?

I guess it's the documentaries, reading and questioning things without getting bogged down on history and pride. Maybe the technical education helps see the opportunity in all this. I'm no angel. I had to learn about my world in order to want to change it. It's always easier to do nothing, and i've done a lot of that very well. I think we're all like that in some ways.

But here, now, is a real chance to do something. All the warrenties and leases of our plastic lives are set to expire on the same day, as we get the message from the landlord. But it looks like we're waiting to be evicted. Waiting for the disaster sheriff to come by and do it for us. We're just drones.

I don't want to be washed down the drain with the other drones in the rain. I don't want to be mindless. There are solutions. I want to find them. Little ones, big ones, local ones, national and international all available to us, if we just take a look.

The corporate lives we live, will change or end but we will continue in our opportunities for business, commerce and culture. But ignoring our very understanding has never been a solution to anything. Our adolescent culture will spring forth into the adulthood of responsibility as those who now are in charge are taken over by Peak Oil and Climate Change.

Seems to me it will be a world of local entrepreneurial events rather than fixed processes. Not a cult existence, although I'm sure people will try, but one of multiple jobs based on your knowledge and skills. The old farmer-scientist mode of living. The 21st century equivalent to the pioneer days with tailors, shoemakers, doctors and farmers helping their communities, now added with public health, medicine producers, recyclers, bicycle repair, internet energy support and electrical generation just to start. In spite of the calamities themselves, it sounds kinda fun. There's always something for a human to do in that world.

Without understanding though, we lose these opportunities and fear is allowed to spread throughout the drones. Are we willing to say goodbye to our drone lives? We drones that we are, will be evicted whether we like it or not, so don't be surprised. Time to find that new world.


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