Posted by: energyblogwalter | June 9, 2006

Oil Depletion Protocol

The idea here is to manage the available oil in the world so that we don't fight over it. Probably our best bet to avoid future war over resources.

Call it a managed blackout. Generally the public and our officials are ignorant of Peak Oil. At any change we clamour for subsidies or blame the government for high taxes at the pumps not caring or understanding that this may need to go up 400%, and we better like it. Don't see that on the news do we?

This protocol would put our wasteful ways of thinking to bed and really get us all working toward appropriate managed oil use with as little conflict as possible.


  1. This post is regarding the Oil Depletion Protocol idea. Richard Heinberg is an author and writes monthly on Peak Oil and about the Oil Depletion Protocol. Link here:

    Recommended reading. Effectively explains how the Oil Depletion Protocol would work and why we should do it now.

    Actually it reminds me of paying off my student loans (Or any situation where an ounce of prevention means a pound of cure) I mean, I wouldn't wait until the last minute would I? I'd default for sure. No, better pay off that monster month to month and know in the future it will be handled. With any debt this just makes sense. We did this before with Canada's financial debts, why not energy debts too? The compromise between debt and market change would be a classic Canadian Compromise that we could debate with success.

    How many issues do you know that bring everyone to the table? Check it out…

    We can bridge #1 oil companies (Fear of record profits or price gouging backlash, stable new investment in technology), #2 government (same), #3 motorists (remove blaming someone, end conspiracy theories), #4 environmentalists (reduce waste), #5 entrepreneurs (new markets and jobs), #6 world opinion (investment), and even #7 Bush (fewer wars?). This bridge would move the world economy into a manageable loss, rather than future chaotic market forces. Everyone would be at the table really.

    Actually, I don't think it matters who runs it, as everyone in the market would much rather have stability than loss anyway, so whether it's government running it or just helping keeping the agreements active wouldn't take away from its aims. We could have UN inspectors for example.

    The quotas ideas really puts it into persepective well. Let's call it the "air conditioner example" where some guy has his on while you're trying to save electricity and yours is off. Well, the market right now supports you also turing it on. Who cares right? However, with an energy quotas and credits system in place, now you can sell your energy to that guy who would exceed his quota. We would all have an audited budget, from the single person to the industrial producer. Sweet really.

    If you like it, consider a petition vote here It's got mine. I think this is coming down the road anyway.


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