Posted by: energyblogwalter | June 15, 2006

George Brown : CDROM Courses, ET and EM

George Brown College here in Toronto has Electronics Technician and Electro-Mechanical taught via cdrom as certificate courses and are equivalent to 1-2 year courses.

$250 for the cdrom then $50 per module for 24 modules. Pay as you go so easier on my so called "budget". Only 5 modules out of 24 differ between the courses, so I think I'll do the EM first, then add 5 more for the ET and get two certificates as per the George Brown chair advise. (order doesn't matter)

Why do this? Makes sense if I want to get into wind energy, recycling parts and power systems, or just be more self reliant. Control systems and chips are inside everything, so always good for scrounging. Thinking about small wind systems for laptop battery recharging and bicycle disc brake regeneration.

Best of all it's affordable. This is a surprise considering how every other college distance education charges you the same as an attended course..grrr. I did DeVry in 1995 so I'm due for a refresher course 😉 This is a local Toronto college with a good reputation so my interest is piqued where if it was anyone else I would probably skip it.

Hmm… save for a foldup Dahon bicycle or take a course?

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