Posted by: energyblogwalter | June 19, 2006

Popular Science: 10 steps to end fossil fuel

Some articles on if America was serious about ending fossil fuel dependency, what would be done?  Turns out quite a lot.

Out of order the best IMHO in the here-and-now are : 1 – wind, lots and lots of wind, 2- distributed generation, not centralized power grids, 7 – tidal forces, 8 – geothermal, 9 – trash heat, 10 – conservation 

3 – ultralight parts and retro fit cars (how many cars can actually be retrofitted however?  maybe if companies took them back as the new raw material for new cars? Give this a maybe.)

4 – better ethanol (I am of the opinion that in the competition between the car and the human for food, the human should win instead.  Sequencing DNA from termintes for energy also up in the air in terms of production in the here-and-now.)

5 – space sun lamps (nice sci-fi but no one is going to trust a sun ray from space not making a mistake somewhere and melting a city, let alone the rocket fuel requirements necessary. )

6 – hydrogen (worse that sun lamps, 50-80 years needed to retool society all of society to just maintain its current way of life?  If we change our society hydrogen use also changes.  Unforseen destiny.)

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