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movie review : An Inconvenient Truth

After having the semi-annual family gathering at an all you can digestion restaurant, I made my way to the theatre next door and sure enough An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s presentation on Global Warming was playing. It started 1.5 hours later but I decided to wait (urp..) and see it. Although the rest of my family didn’t have the time, I would encourage them, and anyone, to see it. You will never look at it the same way again.

Roger Ebert’s Review Here

This is Al Gore’s magnum opus. We see him travelling, lecturing and trying to reconnect with the environmental threads of his family and life. This has taken a form of a lecturing tour around the world trying to get the message out. This is a global warming movie not a Global Warming Movie. I think he does a great job of taking the rhetoric down a notch and making the issue accessible and underlines where we have been duped by short-sighted industrial society in taking this issue seriously.

The most helpful I think is where he shows a statistic of the total number of peer reviewed studies on global warming (900+), versus the number that denounce global warming. The number is 0, zero, 0%. All peer reviewed scientific studies on the topic have been accepted or not refuted by other evidence. He compares this to the number of newpaper articles doing so in the same period (53%) and it’s easy to see why society thinks this is still (for some) a debate. The scientific debate never really existed.

What’s scary is that the last 7 ice ages as noted by science have never gone above 300 parts per million of CO^2, then we have this below, and we’ve escalated well beyond this.

Atmospheric CO2 concentrations (ppmv), 1958-2004

(image citation above:

Al Gore explained the the up-down zigzags are because of the earth’s landmass, and therefore vegetation, is mostly in the northern hemisphere and as the earth rotates around the sun, the planet tilt in Spring/Summer C0^2 increases, then in Fall/Winter it decreases. However the overall trend is clear. UP.

This is just one of the interesting studies he discusses and with loads more and I get the impression that we’re doing our ignorant best to end this earth. I’m sure other sad conclusions will come to your mind too.

This might all be a setup for a Gore re-election bid, but you don’t get any sense that he’s trying to run again, just that he wants to instead of slap you with a two-by-four for missing this issue, so slaps your brain with an information two-by-four instead…nicely. I felt his sincerity deeply and this makes his arguments all the more convincing. He needs to tell you what he knows. He defines this as a moral issue alone to anyone any country any time. He uses humour too and you’ll laugh. He’s a capable presenter and not the stiff image of past.

This is geared to an American audience, and during the car emmissions lecture we see the American “standard” of being last in the world and the irony that they don’t even meet Chinese standards, thereby killing another economic argument.

One thing that got on me though was referring to every scientist as his friend. I guess it’s a way to present the information. I also suppose if you have the resources to take the time and go to as many places as he has you would indeed get to be friends with the principle scientists on this. It’s probably sincere, but seemed a slight bit of needless name dropping. Thinking about the narrative however, it serves its purpose of tying you into the arguments.

Oddly at the end the guy next to me blurted out that America/North Amercia is not the problem (after Gore had clearly shown that it in fact is the problem with 30% of CO^2 emissions from the USA alone and above any nation on earth) and I felt bad that this guy had actually MISSED THE POINT? Weird. I thank him here though, as it started an interesting conversation with a couple behind me. We had concluded that the Canadian per capita statistics are in fact much worse. Canadians have to infur their fate here.

I enjoyed this one. The case is clear and present. Without a doubt the most important (apple keynote graphic) power-point lecture of the decade. If you have any family members who can’t understand you and this issue, and you’re unable to articulate your concerns and reasons, take them to see this film.

Peak Oil is the peak of resources. Global warming the peak of the (human-livable) earth. Put the two together and the human race is in for massive cataclysmic challenges. The solutions are the same. Waste less, stop polluting, change the way we live. We do nothing and it’s over any way we look at it.

See this movie. Be a part of the solution. The site noted from the movie is


  1. free videos:

  2. For local Toronto residents, only Eglinton Canada Square, and Bay/Bloor Cumberland are showing this movie.

  3. Canadian graphic on co^2 emissions by industry.


    More graphics from Environment Canada


    Charlie Rose interview with Al Gore and The Inconveneint Truth

  6. It’s global warming, stupid

    …Idiots like Ann Coulter continue to be stuck in a denialist frame of mind when it comes to global warming. If you go into this Discovery program knowing little about global warming you will leave with new found knowledge and, probably, new found…

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