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Canada Day: July 1st, 2020

We made it to 2020! We came together in a crisis and now have a new and better version of civilization before us!

Seasonal wine and cheese making are making a comeback, and the younger among us are able to travel cross country again for the first time. Oh to travel again and have no burdens!

We need to remind ourselves on Canada Day of what was lost so that we may always learn from history. Less we forget, taking on new dimensions and deeper roots as our country ages. Less we not make new opportunities. This is a bittersweet day indeed.

The journey taken in the dark ages of 2008-2017 will go down in the history of humanity as the time of Oil Depletion dovetailing with Global Warming, nothing short of the precipice of the end of days itself. We had a choice to make, and who can forget the Scandinavians from showing us the way from that edge?

At the time, no one was watching the total amount of real oil available every month. No understanding was made widely available by the media of that era. No questions were asked for fear of reprisals since media was not independent. No government was reporting the decline. No planning was done. No inspected rates of decline per country. No Oil Depletion Protocol.

Finance markets purred on debt management. We bartered the oil imports to the highest bidder, jumping prices again and again leaving the fate of many to profiteers leading to shortages and conflicts. We would blame others. In the end, all the world could do was remain fractured into foreign policies working against each other, fighting in the pursuit of cheap oil energy in a desperate attempt at maintaining our dying money-as-debt based economies! Well, we know how that turned out.

A plateau of 85 million barrels a day stayed that way for almost two and a half years, from December of 2005, before the fall in July of 2008, and nobody noticed. Population fatigue with the warnings of Global Warming, prevented anyone mentioning Peak Oil. So completely blinded by growth and money, we deluded ourselves thinking the party could last forever. The psychology of previous investment preventing any change. We were delusional.

In July of 2008 our suburban car society ended with the collapse of Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar oil well, then the collapse of the Saud family itself and the ensuing wars for control.

Geological reality made its point at long last. The energy reserves of countries at the time did their best to limit their usage and also supply what emergency rations they had, but with the sudden drop in oil production the worldwide Crash of 2009 was all but a certainty.

Debtor nations (USA) were put over the edge, and along with it Canada was sucked into its wake along with the worldwide economic system at that time. 500 million unemployed.

The predictions of Republican senator Roscoe Bartlett and others during 2005/6 went unheeded. The US Department of Energy in February 2005 called the “Hirsch Report” said that an all-out crash program would need 20 years. With hindsight perhaps under such a program North America could have avoided the food shortages if 10 years out, maybe avoided the health crisis’s at 5 years, but at 3 years? It was a total halt of the whole system. Not enough time to plant even a fruit tree.

In Canada most were more afraid than angry, and a US-style collapse expected never materialized. Canadian character in a crisis had made a dramatic comeback. Offers of help from Cuba, Sweden, Norway and Ireland, helped reclaim how to grow food again locally, consolidate our urban designs into pedestrian areas, and the resurgence of local businesses prevented Canada from imploding.

Market reforms in ’14 paved the way for money-as-value local currencies and we haven’t looked back. Worldwide unemployment has recovered reaching almost pre-Crash levels. Local businesses have returned, hire locally, and take interest in their communities. Culture has become the new economy. Quid pro quo dictatorships have fallen around the world. Lung pollution diseases are no more. We live within our energy supplies. This is an astounding human achievement. Only on this day in 2020 do we see the results of all our hard efforts.

Sadly, through the Great Famine and food riots of ’12 worldwide population dropped to 4 billion. The Season of Storms remain our burden to overcome, our constant reminder of how we scorched the earth itself. Humanity’s lessons that the world is finite.

We, the Long Emergency Generation, will not forget the world of our past nor the successes of the present. May we struggle to repair what remains to be done, and the next generation will write of our successes on Canada Day.

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  1. Written with the grains and threads of experts of today warning of what could be if we do nothing.

  2. cut it down to under 800 words for the website essay submission

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