Posted by: energyblogwalter | July 17, 2006

100 mpg Hybrid cars available now

It’s weird reading about Canadian companies only in the USA news.

Anyway, links below about an American Toyota Prius user starting a company called EDRIVE modifying his car with new batteries to get 100 miles per gallon hybrid. Turns out there’s also a Concord company doing the same thing with their batteries north of Toronto called Hymotion. Report: The hack-a-hybrid kit



  1. Hey. Here is another battery powered car. It’s from company called Tesla Motors.
    Read here:,71414-0.html?tw=wn_index_2

  2. Sweet! And laptop batteries too! LOL. I bet a bunch of university / college students could build one now…


    Quote from your link above:
    “””Consumers wanted a vehicle that had a range greater than the EV1’s (at best) 130 miles. The common wisdom was that batteries just weren’t there yet.

    But what did Detroit know about batteries? Eberhard had squeezed 20 hours of run time out of the little power pack on his eBook. Battery efficiency was an obsession among computer engineers, who were extracting more power from ever-smaller cells with each generation of laptops. GM seemed oblivious to the lessons emerging from the electronics industry. Eberhard began to think that if anybody was going to build a viable electric car, it would be a Silicon Valley engineer. Then, after reading biographies of John DeLorean and Preston Tucker, and reminding himself that launching a car company was a crazy idea, he did just that.”””



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