Posted by: energyblogwalter | July 17, 2006

Renewable Energy Course at Durham College

Renewable Energy Course

Further away than the Milton course, but cheaper as a weekly course rather than a weekend for about the same time. Could be close to GO Train? As quoted from the Durham College website below:

“”” This introduction to solar and wind-powered electric power will provide you with a basic understanding of home or cottage-scale renewable energy components. Includes solar panels, wind turbines, inverters and batteries. Basic electric theory will also be covered. At the end of the course, system sizing will bring all the components together to make a theoretical off-grid system plan. Also includes a 2 hour field trip. Tuition fees include a $8 non-tax deductible manual fee.Course Code: ENVI 1150

Location: Uxbridge
Hours: 14 Hrs
Start Date: Sep 27
End Date: Nov 8
Offered: Wed 7 – 9
Cost: $101.42 “””



    This is the Milton weekend workshop for wind turbines.

  2. GO Transit bus service is available to the campus, but not from it! I would have to bum a ride off someone who’s going. If you’re thinking of it, please comment and let me know thanks.

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