Posted by: energyblogwalter | August 1, 2006

Have you planted a tree today?

Website above has some statistics regarding trees. Helpful to know that it would take 300 trees per person to remove all the pollution that person makes in their lifetime. So if I planted one a month I’d be good in 25 years!

This should also imply just how useful a tree is, rather than that sorry looking lawn-mat for a front yard. If you’re not using your available land for food maybe use it with a tree? At least it will do something. Maybe both. Make it a fruit tree!

Climate Change is killing us slowly, we are literally making it impossible for the earth to absorb any more CO2 and will by definition reach a disasterous tipping point. CO2 is toxic to humans btw. But if we decide to live with what works, what feeds us, what protects us, then we’ll end up living in a housed forest. We’ll definitely need the shade.

Sadly trees are being cut down across the city (Toronto). This is the only way to cool the concrete down. Since it’s illegal to uproot the trees, the city goes around instead and cuts them off, then waits for the roots to die. This is mindless.

There is also a plant a tree program in Toronto, but given the above the net gain can’t be working. Which is it? To plant or not to plant? Seems to have turned into a mindless cityhall enterprise with department infighting.

From the link it states that a mature tree supplies air for 2 people. What if we tried to plant half the city population number of trees into the city? On rooftops? On sidewalks? On all road (street and highway) meridans?

I’m reminded of the cover of a past New Scientist magazine cover. Imagine the regular road/sidewalk nothing but lush green crops and trains, with tall buildings covered in vines with wind turbines embedded into their superstructure, the walkways of people in clear plastic tubes above the ground. Fantasy, sure, but looks plausable. (Except for the clear plastic tube thing. What is it with futurefantasy and those funky plastic tubes anyway??)

In any event, we may very well have to plant and garden our way back to some kind of livable and scalable existence. At least it will look nice.


  1. I haven’t planted a tree today either, just saying I should probably add it to my list of things to do…

  2. ok, haven’t planted a tree yet. I’m a bad person.

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