Posted by: energyblogwalter | August 10, 2006

Bill seeks to curb urban sprawl :: Toronto Star August 9, 2006

Letter to Editor and Author:

Re: Bill seek to curb urban sprawl

Dear Toronto Star,

This government has missed a golden opportunity to exhibit The
Prevention Principle in not more stringently explaining the role and
merit of urban intensification as an answer to Peak Oil. In doing so,
we have all missed a keystone rallying point beyond the political
issues described in your article, that’s keeping bridges from been
built between opposed parties.

If I knew I had cancer, wouldn’t I want to seek help as soon as
possible? Or should I wait until it gets worse and worse doing
nothing to help myself? Sprawl is the cancer of our society. We know
this, I think, yet feel aimless without another choice. How does it
look to you? Dig a little deeper. Sprawl prevents urban transit from
being possible. Prevents social contacts. Prevents so much. You
can’t have a little bit of cancer. This government bill takes a
middle road on an issue that doesn’t have a middle ground.

It really all comes down to energy. Sprawl and energy are linked
together but is not considered or mentioned by anyone. With oil
likely to hit +$100 a barrel anytime soon, and a continuing future of
less and less oil trying to handle just even the same demand as now
(let alone the production growth required by our economies), how can
the price not be going up? This effects everything, including how we
travel to and from work, what we do, how we shop, how much it takes to
pave a road. If the prevention principle in government is to mean
anything, this has been a colossal misjudgement. If we were running
out of food, which is also dependent on cheap energy fertilizers,
would we ignore that too? Is there “middle ground”?

With the price of gas never to fall again and set to continue its
rise, how long do you think our plastic suburban lives can last before
its choked off from lack of cheap energy? On what date does suburbia,
as it is now manifest, die?

I would encourage more to be written regarding how energy effects our
lives and where it comes from. Or else how can anyone understand the
future choices we make or what rules are imposed upon us by our


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