Posted by: energyblogwalter | August 14, 2006

TVO: Please air Oil Depletion Protocol

[email to TVO asking them to add Peak Oil to their new show “The Agenda”]


I put a post on your forum under ‘energyblog’ regarding Peak Oil and the coming energy collapse and received so far 15000 hits. People seem interested in this topic and I’m happy for the hits. I however remain disappointed that the issues raised are not delved into more deeply for discussion by people in the media.

Oddly enough phrases from the blog have come up from time to time on 4th Reading so I know it’s being read, but only in terms of local issues and not the big picture.

Please put Peak Oil into your lineup for The Agenda. Scientists from around the world and cities like Hamilton have discussed and passed Peak Oil plans. The media area aware but have no plans to talk about it

It seems too fatalistic to me. I am a guy who believes along with the scientists and others that a solution is possible. Going on like we have cancer and we should just ignore it isn’t a solution.

I’d like to add my 2 cents for The Agenda to talk about the pending issues of Peak Oil, Population Die Off and the End of Suburbia. Sweden is on board, UK is coming soon and where is Canada?

For reference please checkout the writings and international conferences of the ASPO (, Geologist Colin Campbell and books by Richard Heinberg (The Party’s Over, Powerdown, and the upcoming September release of The Oil Depletion Protocol).

This issue of Peak Oil is perfect for your new format on the Agenda, since it doesn’t fit into a sound bite, and probably the root cause on why it’s ignored by non-scientific people.

Less dry are the movies Oil Crash which made a splash at the recent hotdoc documentarty film festival, and the End of Suburbia documentary made from a guy in Toronto.

There is a lot to talk about. I double dare you to watch End of Suburbia and not want to do something positive. The least we can do is start talking.



  1. Please write to TV Ontario regarding Peak Oil. Thanks.

  2. oooo “double dare” I know it’s silly, but so is the media blackout on Peak Oil.

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