Posted by: energyblogwalter | September 5, 2006

Re: Why Survivalists Have Got It Wrong

The link above is a reaction to Zachary Nowak’s post regarding the survivalist mentality and peak oil by Rob Hopkins.

My comments below:

I think this is speaking more to the mental adjustments or phases of peak oil depression than a real break from the community solution or realistic alternative plans. A survivalist plan isn’t much of a plan as it has too many limitations. Upon closer inspection it falls down easily. If you forget a can opener you’re stuffed etc.

I have to think that Zachary Nowak would also realize, if eventually, that going it alone is just not possible given the amount of knowledge and specialization required just to live. Let’s think about that one, I mean, water sterilization, sanitation, medicine/health care, food production, teaching, mid-wives, tailors and candlestick makers… the list is endless but not hard to understand. Two years each of us on one topic means that the community becomes, and remains, the best tool for any situation. We end our useless corporate gerbel individual cubicle existence and return to helping each other. Highly preferable.

Thank goodness too. Just so much easier to work together and specialize in different areas. We all need each other and the faster we get past the ‘go it alone’ approach the better.

maybe a 12 step reaction to peak oil would place both your arguments and Nowak’s into a larger understanding as more people hit the peak oil mental brick wall/paradigm shift?

As a side note, I don’t believe his article was meant to be just the survivalist answer, but such a response for those looking at that as a solution depending where they are in the peak oil depression scale. It would seem to me he would be therefore respectful of your arguments.



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