Posted by: energyblogwalter | September 25, 2006

Re: Good News on energy :: Toronto Star September 25, 2006

I honestly think the local paper has lost it or is now on crack. This is the stupidest article I’ve read yet. Good news on energy

Editorial email below:

To Letter to the Editor:

I don’t understand. Nothing could be more further from the truth than the article of Good News on energy and its ignorance of the reality. There is a small matter utterly ignored that Conservation is not a gamble, but in fact a requirement. How is this so? We might be alarmed and concerned that this is a Natural Gas powered plant. Why? It is a known fact that Natural Gas is in increasingly diminishing supply in North America.

As gas becomes more and more unavailable in surplus, the increased competition and bidding of these limited supplies, along with the complete lack of any conservation efforts, will cripple Toronto and Ontario generation policy. Conservation a gamble? It works and is proven. Think of it like a savings account, not a credit card. Also missed by implication is that the company making this powerplant will be faced with a gas shortage and not be able to make the capital expenditures back. Thus leaving Ontario on the hook for it when it closes. Conservation a gamble? More like Ontario’s concept of an energy future. Conservation is the only hope we’ve got left.



  1. June 30, 2005 :: Exxon: Natural Gas Has Peaked in North America

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