Posted by: energyblogwalter | September 26, 2006

Energy Tough Choices :: Vancouver Sun Series

wow a Canadian newspaper with an energy series.  With a B.C perspective no less.  Must. Make. Link.

CO2 sequestering lets drillers tease out more oil

It sounds too good to be true. Take tonnes and tonnes of carbon dioxide — a byproduct of burning, and the world’s most abundant greenhouse gas — and secrete it out of sight, out of mind, out of harm’s way forever. While you’re at it, make money.

Global meltdown feared in UN report

A landmark climate change report coming early next year will reveal such a strong link between global warming and fossil fuels that the world will have to end its addiction to oil, says a leading Canadian climate researcher.

Heat now on for logging business

The bitterly cold winters of Gordon Chipman’s childhood are fading into memory, and the pine forests that now blanket British Columbia’s sprawling Interior landscape may soon follow.

One of the hottest gas plays in B.C.

It would be tough to find a roughneck anywhere in the world who would describe working on a drill rig as easy, but Bob Gamble, who toils on the deck of Precision Drilling’s rig number 521, comes closest.

New energy tied to new cooperation

Humanity’s darkest hour may be just decades away, touched off by a desperate and increasingly violent struggle for energy resources. Futurist scenarios see “grim” prospects for civilization if nations fail to manage a smooth transition to new energy systems.

Gas jockey ‘pumps’ 8 million litres a day

In the course of a casual conversation with a new acquaintance, somebody might ask Rick Webb what he does for a living. “I work for Chevron,” he tells them. “They say, ‘How do you like pumping gas?’ And I say ‘No problem, I love it,'” Webb explains with a straight face.

Get ready for oil supplies to dwindle, experts warn

Crude oil makes Kjell Aleklett think about wild strawberries. Aleklett, a Swedish professor of physics, sees inescapable similarities between the steady depletion of the world’s most coveted energy source and the foraging habits of berry afficionados. “In Sweden we have strawberry fields where you can go out and pick for yourself.

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