Posted by: energyblogwalter | October 2, 2006

The future of food starts at home


Some will complain that the European agricultural subsidy system has allowed these “uneconomic” farms to remain. But in the years to come, these farms will probably return to being economically profitable as well as absolutely necessary. Europeans will be glad that they suffered through so many good meals and paid taxes to support the farms where the food was raised. For at that point others around the world may be scrambling to reorganize their agriculture along similar lines.

When in Japan I also was left with the fact that local subsidy made for great natural food devoid of preservatives since it didn’t have to travel so far. I ate and was full. No snacking. Didn’t feel like it. I rarely met anyone overweight, and if so, they were naturally that way and not so sadly mishapen like here in Canada.

An oil crisis is really a transportation crisis first, then the rest just compounds itself. So if I look how far away food is made, and that becomes disrupted, what remains? How far away does my celery or sandwich come from?

If we are to appreciate the way we live and the land around us, as described in this article about Italy, the least we can do is appreciate the food we eat. This re-dedication to ourselves may help re-invent a local culture and provide a local strength and identity in the wake of catastrophies to come.

I bet the greatest catastropy has been the belief that our perservatives were actually food. I think they have been the cause of many health problems in North America not found elsewhere. We victimize ourselves, and we make trade agreements to tell others to do the same. Any wonder no one moves on food subsidies. Let’s hope they never do.



    This is in NY state but I wish there was one for Ontario or elsewhere…

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