Posted by: energyblogwalter | October 20, 2006

Re: Clean Air Act appears doomed

Clean Air Act appears doomed

The Harper Conservative Government unveiled a new plan for Clean Air but the result will be… not until 2050!?? In a minority government no one can support it, let alone that no one can believe that this is a commitment to anything but delay.

In the presentation of the Clean Air Act is a comment about harmonizing Canadian car emissions to the US standard. When Al Gore came out with An Inconvenient Truth, he noted in car emissions statistics that the USA is last in the world, followed by Canada, then Europe, then China. Yes, China has the cleanest cars being made today! Therefore this bill proposal would be a step backwards, not forwards. How does pegging an industry to the lowest rung on the ladder constitute leadership?

How odd to note that while the Conservative and Liberal parties of the UK are falling over themselves to appeal to the environmental global crisis, we here in Canada have to put up with a federal Bush-like We-Never-Took-A-Science-Class government with no environmental credibility. How disappointing. Like watching an educational train wreck.

This wasn’t always so in North America. The former Mulroney Conservative Government back when Reagan was President of the USA was a time of great environmental laws. Perhaps when new elections occur in either countries only then can this change. But not this time.

No leadership means no planning and that means no action. Even the Canadian Liberal governments of the past had their chance with all their good intentions, but they also failed to act. They talked and talked a lot and patted themselves on the back yet we remain in our fantasy emissions haven.

When you quit an addiction, like our CO2 smoking, it’s important to be gradual, then cut it. Our economy will have to re-adjust it’s nervous system to the new reality and learn to grow differently. But we can’t be asleep and need to be wide awake while this change occurs.

Only the market emphasis need change. The same mechanisms will occur but underneath it will be far from debt and toward community value instead. It will still be market driven.

Any new economy needs a bank to go with it. I think the creation of an Emissions Trading Bank of Canada would be a beginning and a signal. It would provide, on whatever scale, local or national, a means for those who ARE saving energy to sell their credit to those who are not. By setting an emissions quota with fines over a limit, this would create a new economic incentive and marketplace. A Conservation of (Energy) Value would lead to a race toward zero effect. A lowering of our footprint on the earth improving our lives and the environment around us…..for profit.

Since the exact energy usage of something will be needed to make a quota system fair and open, much of the subsidies will have to be counted as a cost, and that may be a big no-no for some industries.

Oddly in implementing such a system would remove much of the corporate favourtism and subsidies that make up our economy. We may end up with a most equal economy. The real and true cost of things would be known. Again such costs will create an insentive to innovate.

Once the issue of implementation finally in some year in some decade occurs in this country, or in the world, the attitude of corporate governance will remain the constant battlefield.

Only until the patient finally quits the CO2 smoking habit, can we then all succeed.





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