Posted by: energyblogwalter | October 25, 2006

Planet wearing out faster than ever: study

CTV Report

“If everyone around the world lived as those in America, we would need five planets to support us,” Leape, an American, said in Beijing.

According to the report, people in the United Arab Emirates put the most strain per capita on the planet, followed by Americans, Fins, and Canadians.

In order to ensure the planet continues to support us, the report recommends cutting the use of fossil fuels and changing farming and fishing practices.

Specifically, the report highlights proper land management. Avoidance of toxic chemicals, responsible irrigation and use of farming practices like terracing will protect land from problems like soil erosion and pollution.

If we don’t adopt these types of measures, warns the report, we risk losing our lifestyle altogether.

“It is inevitable that this disconnect will eventually limit the abilities of poor countries to develop and rich countries to maintain their prosperity,” he added.

WWF has measured what it calls the “Ecological Footprint,” or the demand people place on nature. The current demand is 25 per cent greater than the planet’s ability to produce resources and recover from human waste.

In 2001, the disparity was 21 per cent.

According to the report, “people are turning resources into waste faster than nature can turn waste back into resources.”


Note how we are in fact turing the earth into a garbage slime ball of toxic waste due to overpopulation and the waste of resources. How can we change without a disaster to follow? Likely leading towards the death of many millions of people before we take anything seriously? The DieOff websites are sadly looking accurate if we indeed hit a resource wall. Only as people start to suffer for our ignorance will we all take notice.

At first it’s not likely to enter the mind. Africa as we all know goes through cycles of drought so often now that the suffering of people has dulled the senses. No news shocks anyone anymore.

So it will have to be significant. A multi-country food shortage. A war over water. Blackouts and abandonments to follow.

Full Report 3.0 MB PDF File at



  2. I never see anything as dire as this hit the mainstream media, even with the increased global warming discussion. They all seem afraid to give warnings on actual threats.

  3. If they made a list and rated each item from the US’s security threat colour chart, it might help….or depress everyone and bury the media even farther away. Hard to tell. Or go for the deck of cards like during the Iraq war. Better than the craps we’re playing now.

    Greenland is a real enough threat. This was highlighted in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. He was comparing the ice flows of Antartica prior to crashing to the current state of Greenland’s icesheet. The same process is underway and it’s only a matter of time. Estimates put waterlevels rising 20 feet worldwide when it goes due to it being fresh water.

    When the ice flows, maybe only then will we all take notice? Depends what’s on TV.

    I think when I stopped watching sports I saw the world around me quite differently. Society’s autopilot cannot react to new threats.

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