Posted by: energyblogwalter | October 30, 2006

Peak Food :: How Long Can the World Feed Itself?

October 10th by Gwynne Dyer, famous CBC broadcaster and writer talks about Peak Food. As the world population continues to grow, our ability to grow food does not.

For the sixth time in the past seven years, the human race will grow less food than it eats this year. We closed the gap by eating into food stocks accumulated in better times, but there is no doubt that the situation is getting serious. The world’s food stocks have shrunk by half since 1999, from a reserve big enough to feed the entire world for 116 days then to a predicted low of only 57 days by the end of this year.

He gives also three reasons why grain is under threat worldwide, meat, heat and biofuels. Compelling reading for anyone. I left the Energybulletin link as it has a correction from the original post. Gwynne’s website link is

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