Posted by: energyblogwalter | March 30, 2007

(Bee) Colony collapse malady imperils crops – Toronto Star March 30th, 2007

CTVNEWS Website story: Bees disappearing as mystery aliment sweeps U.S.

Saw also on CTV news last night that honeybees are dying in the USA and also parts of Canada. The term is “Colony Collapse Disorder”, an unexplained phenomenon where 90% of a hive dies off. Thus preventing the pollination needed by some plants to bear fruit or food crops.

We’re not just talking honey, apparently 1/3 of all human food needs bees to exist, so this isn’t good news. Might even be termed slightly “Important”. I don’t understand why this isn’t the top news story of the day/week/month.  Our food supply is in jepardy.

Watch for any issues of bees commented in the news. The newscasters are clueless as to the impact of this, I can imagine.. “…next in sports”.  Watch for it though, any new direction on the “malady” will have directly impact on you.

From 1/3 of all human food to deep effects in the agricultural industry:

Not only are bees crucial to the agriculture industry in the production of honey, they also work as pollinators. Roughly 75 per cent of flowering plants require pollinators to bear fruit, including crops that produce the resources needed for drugs and fuel.


  1. I saw the documentary about the declining bee populations and it sent shivers down my spine. Being co-evolved with flowering plants, not only would it be an ecological disaster but there would be much less beauty in the world. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Where did you see the documentary? I’d like to post a link to it


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