Posted by: energyblogwalter | April 20, 2007

Ontario to ban ‘old’ light bulbs :: Toronto Star :: April 18th 2007

Ontario to ban ‘old’ light bulbs

Hooray! But it’s not until 2012… However, basic math skills appear to have been used to determine that if you replaced all the bulbs in Ontario with Compact Fluorescents… you save energy and thus also money.  Maybe our new math curriculum is working after all? 

I guess it helps that other countries have banned the bulb, (Australia 2010) and that industry has been waiting and waiting for this action. Now politicians here can make a (*gasp*) decision. I’m glad it happened.

However from the TV news you’re given the impression that CF bulbs cost a lot. This isn’t really true as the price has been coming down for years. I have one bulb that has lasted 7 years and I can’t remember what I paid for it. I can tell you it wasn’t much more.  Let’s say it was $5.  Now though it would be even cheaper. 7 years later and still working, no bulb can beat that. And it’s not even an LED. Watch for those too to pick up interest.

“””There’s less mercury in a CFL bulb than the battery in your wristwatch,” said Duncan. “””

Um dude, you wear a watch? Anyway, here’s hoping we look at other inefficiencies and declare them ‘old’, such as car emissions. Maybe we’ll raise them up to the Chinese standards? Dare to dream…

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