Posted by: energyblogwalter | March 17, 2008

Re: Oil dependency fuels crisis :: Toronto Star Mar 16 1008

From Toronto Star article here

Letter to Editor:

Given that transportation is the largest chunk of oil usage, we can
remove its effects as mentioned by increasing gasoline efficiency.
All attempts to do so have failed due to politics, not due to

As well, if you made an electric car today using laptop batteries, it
could go 300km, well advanced of the old EV-1. Today, Canadians build
and sell the lower range city-sized ZENN electric car, but are not
allowed to drive it except in BC. Ontario allows it only in parks. I
can ride my bicycle on the road, even an electric bike sold at
Canadian Tire, but Canadians are not allowed to drive Canadian cars.

Technology improves yearly. For every gas-powered car plant that
crumbles in Ontario it could be replaced with electric car
manufacturers. Or batteries. Canadians can retrofit their cars to
li-ion, but only the mechanically inclined. Apparently it’s so hard
that some Ontario kids did that. Or wind. Wind gear boxes are about
the size of a minivan afterall. Or solar. Why not strive to at least
have some domestic production or R&D?

Fill Ontario with batteries, wind and solar and put a dent in the oil
crisis. Fill us with hope. Fill us with jobs. But as implied we
need to do it now, not when we hit the brick wall of Peak Oil.

We’re not doing nothing as ZENN demonstrates, we’re doing worse than
nothing. We are standing in the way of reasonable people, fellow
Canadians, who have reasonable solutions. Given our science-phobic
politicians, poor development design, and big business fears of
technologies that are proven to work, we deserve everything we’re
going to get.


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