Posted by: energyblogwalter | July 9, 2008

Re: McGinty Rethinking Ethanol :: Toronto Star July 9th 2008

Where are our electric cars??

Ontario and Quebec build electric cars and sell them to the USA but they’re not allowed on our roads!? Ontario needs to pass Low Speed Vechicle (LSV) legislation like they did in BC to allow electric cars. When your only option is gas, we can see that this isn’t going to last with higher and higher prices. On the other hand, electric cars can be recharged at night. Sure, you can’t go as far, but not allowing technology THAT WE MAKE NOW as an option leaves us without choices. It’s mind-numbing stupidity.

ZENN cars got their approval from Ottawa last December but MOT has only allowed them in parks. If we can’t even allow our fellow Ontarians to give solutions, why would we succeed? see a Nov/07 clip on Rick Mercer here:


  1. Here’s a CBC news report about ZENN.

    I previously thought they were made in Ontario, but are in fact from Quebec. This was my mistake.

    Nonetheless if production was sought here and the cars allowed to be driven in the Ontario market, our emissions would be met! This is gold, why are we throwing it away??

    Imagine all those GM unemployed workers working on electric cars.. Are we just tools? Mr McGuinty should take a test drive and start looking at the benefits, not excuses.

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