Posted by: energyblogwalter | November 21, 2008

Re: San Fran unveils electric car station plan :: Toronto Star Nov 20th 2008

In current headlines in two countries we have mutterings of bailout for the auto industry.  I’m not in power I’m not a politician but when America leads the opportunities are there.  I’m not talking about bailing out a failed industry but using this crisis as a means to start up the new economy.  If that image has to be cars (to start) then there can be no finer example than San Francisco trying to be a city of electric cars.  Buried in todays new I find this one “San Fran unveils electr car station plan”

This is exactly the right approach.  It doesn’t have to be cars mind you, it could also be windmills here in Ontario as Lake Ontario generates serious enough power that a German company wanted to setup up shop here.  Why here?  Because we have a lot of unemployed manufacturer workers, a lot of factory space, all between Oshawa and Kingston.  Oh, also a railway all along this corridor so that windmills could not only supply Ontario but the USA as well.  You’re not exactly going to truck these things.  All ready to go.

But when the German visit was come and gone back in the summer and there was no announement or sense of vision here we are wondering what could have been.  Call them back.  Let them know we could just as easily become the wind centre of North America anymore than SF can with cars.  Oh, we can probably make the cars too.  ZENN makes their cars in Quebec, no reason why we can’t expand their capacity and beat San Fran in a year to their own idea.  All we have to gain are jobs and self respect, not bailouts of failed losing industries.  Not all our eggs in one basket.

Where is the vision?  The batteries in the coming years will recharge at a much faster rate not hours but minutes.  They exist now just not at scale.  Why not help companies supply those batteries too?  Invite them too.

The options for new green profitable manufacturing while the gas guzzling world implodes only increases everyday.  But as long as we ignore our own possibilities, we will be forced to watch it only in the USA.  We can do this now, but do nothing.

This is what Canada has become.

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