Posted by: energyblogwalter | November 28, 2008

Re: Showdown looms over ‘mean’ Tory blueprint :: Toronto Star Nov 28th 2008

Politics is a public domain and as such the whole point of the $1.95 per vote was to eliminate big business and unions from perceptions of controlling political parties (and setup as a knock against Martin).  Only if people vote a lot for a party do they then receive a lot of funding as controlled by the people, seperating the role much like Elections Canada does as a third party arbitor of elections.

Thus people of limited means, as a party of all citizens (rich poor man woman religious or not), and not just those by the size of their fundraising wallets, fairly control the funding percentages as a country.  Don’t vote for them and they don’t get funding.  Easy and clear.

Most certainly it’s not dictated by whoever is in power.  A cut here is a return of unions and big business lobbyists in control of parliment.  This smacks of bullying the likes we have quite literally never seen before.

I think we’ll see a coalition, but Dion might have to move nicely out of the way first, otherwise it would have already happened.  Such is the contempt of parliment.  Under such a situation no government can act.

Showing Canadians after an election in the beginning of a looming recession(depression?) that their votes no longer matter anymore cannot be accepted as business as usual.  We need to un-glue this action so that Democracy may be restored, however fractured it may be.  Restoring this faith in the value of a vote is important.

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