Posted by: energyblogwalter | December 14, 2008

Different country energy comparisions

Japan is going to have a rough time, given the he-ta- kerosene and the total lack of insulation in homes.  Canadians drive up heating due to the cold, and from all our driving.   We’re both idiots but from different standpoints, stuck in our respective cultures.

However if we exchanged notes we’d both come out ahead.  (Canada needs more trains, Japan needs insulation etc I’m sure there’s a lot more to compare)  Alas that would take recognition of another countries’ success versus where our own failures are, and I can’t see our conservative PM caring a wit.

If we can engage on a worldwide best practices, we’d be further ahead on this.  Please no more useless meetings.  Make notes of what differs from your own experience and seems to work better in your opinion.  I’d be interested in your findings 😉  Feel free to comment on 1) what is normal to you and 2) why what you experienced seems to be better from a climate change/energy efficiency standard?


  1. Water usage :: I was always impressed with washers using so little water in Japan. A use of fuzzy logic and high tech that just doesn’t exist in Canada. I’d like to see these water saving devices here and more widely available. Since they use less water they also use less energy to handle a load.

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