Posted by: energyblogwalter | December 14, 2008

Re: Looking at the recession as an opportunity :: Toronto Star Dec 14th 2008

(S)carborough will have to be bulldozed into a grid system, or else it will never get real transit.  Buses can’t travel around cul-de-sacs nor should they (what a waste of time)

Ban suburban development as it currently stands.  Its car basis is over, it has to be pedestrian friendly and mixed residential/business usage in an under 15 minute walking radius.

Institute new homes to install geo-thermal heating as an expense added to your mortgage guaranteed by the province, so that 1) you are emission free 2) it’s paid back over time 3) you make money and cry all the way to the bank 4) no new nuclear required because you reduced demand.

oh, and ALLOW electric cars which are perfectly fine on 50 km/h roads LEGAL in Ontario.  We make them but are not allowed to drive them.  Ridiculous.

Solutions exist, but this government has done worse than nothing, it has stood in the way of innovation.  Alas this report will also do nothing.


  1. Adding parking to everything should also be abandoned. You don’t encourage usage on a local level with parking lots.

    Across from st. lawerence market they will make an underground parking lot. This is stupid as it will burden an already traffic ridden area with…more traffic.

    Ban stupid parking. The car is over. St. Lawerence Market is a WALKING area. We’ll need to PURGE the words parking/ parking lot from our city plans.

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