Posted by: energyblogwalter | January 12, 2009

Mark your calendar: March 15th Seed Exchange Whoops, this was for 2008! I’ll update for 2009

Scadding Court Community Centre
Saturday March 15, 2008

707 Dundas St. W (southeast corner of Dundas West & Bathurst)

Seed exchange & vendors, displays and information from environmental groups, great food from local vendors, raffle, workshops and hands-on demonstrations. Wheelchair accessible. Info: or 416-652-7867×222.


Start a Garden!  Given the economic uncertainty and increasing job layoffs, starting a garden can go a long way to not only supplimenting your food budget, but also improving your mood.  Gardening Theapy is more than just for seniors, it’s a sense of security and community, and we need both.  Note that there will likely be a demand that’ll exceed supply this year in particular.  Best to get your seeds in March!

If you have any south facing balcony or any land or area with light, try a few potted plants.  If possible consider a stand or longer planters as space permits.  Who knows, you might improve your diet at the same time and (ghast) have fun.  People think you only need light, but mushrooms grow in the dark.  Balconies are great unused spaces.  Putting an old dresser but with soil and mushrooms on a empty balcony might be an interesting experiment.

By the summer and fall you’ll have something tasty and be the envy of your friends!  You can always pickle.  Had pickled zucchini last year and that was a surprise.


  1. oopsy, this event was in 2008! I guess I’m ready for winter to be over… I’ll update on new events for 2009.

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