Posted by: energyblogwalter | January 16, 2009

Re: Ontario, U.S. firm team up on electric car project :: Toronto Star : Jan 15th 2008

Dear Letter to the Editor:

Please tell me what happened to the Star backbone? This one was more likely titled “Ontario doesn’t team up with own electric car firm, US firm used instead”.

ZENN is based in Toronto, manufactured in Quebec, sells in BC USA etc, and recharges with a regular extension cord. By all accounts a
wonderful hometown success story. Why has ZENN electric cars been
ignored here?

Does Better Place use regular extension cords when charging?
Any grief against just using extension cords, or do we really need expensive robot gadgets doing this?
Does this not strike you as obscenely expensive compared to the lowly cord?
Why wouldn’t you just setup at a regular gas station and put some extension cords beside the air pump, or something similar?
Cars have their own chargers, both Prius and ZENN. Why are we blowing tax money?

Another point; “Better Place said it will set up its Canadian head
office in Ontario and, as part of the partnership, will establish an
electric vehicle demonstration and education centre in Toronto.”

Seems fine, but since the Toronto Star didn’t ask, I will: Why do
this at all if Ontario has no Low Speed Vehicle law like BC and
Quebec, preventing all electric car use in the province? Why put in
special plug-pumps that will be obsolete in a year when newer
nano-tech batteries can recharge in 10 minutes?

“As part of the partnership”, means we are paying for this already.
Why in particular was the local ZENN not approached for the same
project and promotional money? What does Ontario have against
promoting local Ontario jobs? As an already established leader in
electric cars, what did the media report as the ZENN reaction to
Ontario’s snub?

I’m not a ZENN rep, I don’t even drive! ZENN is a great magnet for
the real sad story of success denied by the Ontario government, not by ZENN’s business success. But the Star has shamed itself by turning
into an ad machine for Better Place without context to Torontonians.
With 102.1 TheEdge complaining to both the Ministry of Transport and
the Energy ministers for months with ZERO reaction, and now again the
Toronto Star ignoring OBVIOUS questions about this proposal, you are
derelict on your responsibilities. What does the Toronto Star have
against ZENN of Toronto? Can’t you recognize a hometown interest
story if it fell in your lap? Don’t you think we’d be jumping at the
chance to support homegrown success instead of importing it?

Where in Toronto am I suppose to get analysis about Toronto electric
cars, and not the Toronto Star? Or can I only expect more inane
stories dressed up like advertising?

I want an email reply. This nonsense and ignorance towards Toronto
has gone on long enough. Governments aren’t answering questions. Nor Ministers nor Newspapers. What is going on? I’d like to see you
justify this … thing



102.1 TheEdge backgrounder :

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