Posted by: energyblogwalter | February 15, 2009

Re: Meet the doomsayers of our time :: Toronto Star : February 15th 2009

An article on Peak Oil in the Star decidedly sensationalist and not informative.  So I wrote a letter to the editor and author.

To: ,

Re: Meet the doomsayers of our time  February 15th 2009

Dear Editor and C.Kelly;

I’ve been reading about Peak Oil and blogging on the topic to the
Toronto Star now for about 3 years under the name energyblogwalter.
In response to this article it should be noted that retired geologists
who have multiple PhD’s (which you and I do not), the very people who
taught the Oil and Gas industry everything they know, are so concerned
for our future that they have created a working group called The
Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO) found at .  They are ignored by the media to no end due
to special interests, including The Star.  However they have extensive
annual meetings on the subject of Peak Oil.  Peak Oil denial is akin
to Climate Change, which also took years before media discussed it.

How can you belittle such knowledge having never attended such a
meeting yourself or not have read their articles?  It’s like
belittling a medical association or journal without the requisite
knowledge.  Which group did the Star focus on, Scientists or Doomers?
Why doomers of course!  Sensationalism sells.  Having scientists
knowing that things are going to get worse due to natural physical
limits bucks the hallucinated economy.  Also point of fact calling
James Howard Kunstler a doomer is wrong.  People react to change
differently, but he goes out of his way to say that he’s not a
“doomer” but an “actualist” yet this paper decides to perpetuate

This is a pretty embarrassing article, and perpetuates methods of
journalism long held in disdain.  For now this is easy to get away
with given the public ignorance of the topic.  Ireland and Sweden as
governments take this seriously, and have incorporated Energy Dissent
Action Plans and Peak Oil into policy.  Australia had a senate
committee on the topic.  Hundreds of cities in the world are taking
this seriously.  Peak Oil movements are growing.  The Star could have
taken the high road to knowledge and researched the topic, but instead
decided that juvenile pot shots were better.

I’m sorry you’re too scared to ponder what awaits us all.  Thankfully
as the article does show, doing nothing about it like the Star is not
an answer for some people.  Luckily there’s the Internet where some
people can still actually think, meet and discuss.


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