Posted by: energyblogwalter | February 17, 2009

Re: Recession gives Ignatieff a free ride : Toronto Star :: February 15th 2009

Ignatieff’s Liberal’s moves on the economy would be no better, because the reality is to let the auto industry go into bankruptcy.  That’s what bankruptcy is for.

In the aftermath of that, we have then the focus to retool ourselves into green tech using all those plants and workers for things we need.  Reality is sometimes saying no, and that’s what leadership is in making new opportunities from dust.  I don’t think any political party in Canada understands this.

Ontario has all its eggs in the auto sector basket anymore than Alberta has with tar sands.  We all have opportunities to change, but to prop up $40/hour jobs while others are jobless is ridiculous pandering, and only delays the inevitable conversation to discuss what we’re going to really do.  We need leaders to be able to say no to pandering and offer opportunities.

I believe this is one, not unlike WWII, but in this case its a war on the depression.  After WWII Canada had a boom because all the manufacturing was streamlined.  Now is the time to shape up our communities to prepare for Peak Oil.  It’s already too late, but at least people would be working toward a future, not in white elephant uselessness.

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