Posted by: energyblogwalter | March 1, 2009

Re: Green bin waste trucked to N.Y. :: Toronto Star : March 1st, 2009

Hi Mr. Rae,  (Ward 27 City of Toronto Councillor)

I was startled to read in the Star today that we’re trucking our excess composting waste to the USA for incineration, since the Green Bin program is too successful.

How to deal with success? It’s clear that this is provincial and not just Toronto, but nonetheless there is quite a lot of opportunity to save money from trucking this so-called waste and instead get into gardening in a big way for mutual fun and profit.

I would like to ask therefore, what incentives does the city give residents to start a garden or convert a parking area into a garden, since it would save the city significant trucking and disposal expenses?

I live […]  surrounded by condos and apartments. Next door is a large parking lot from Shuter to Queen street. The northern-most part on Shuter, closest to the condos and surrounding buildings, could easily be converted to a local garden, thus alleviating much of the Green Bin waste produced here. The service costs saved could initially be put towards the creation, maintenance and security of this garden, with eventual savings to the city.

Even if no savings are to be had, at least it would handle the problem. I do believe however that this would be cheaper than trucking and not be dependent on the costs of diesel fuel.

Most supermarkets are nothing more than warehouses with a flat roof. Would it be too ironic to put a roof garden on these as well?

Chicago is going big into roof-gardening, and we can compete with them. In our case if compost isn’t alleviated enough, before we truck it out we could put it towards these types of roof projects and mitigate any excess compost. Thus saving on food costs, and heating and air conditioning. The flat roof now becomes a useful enterprise.

Composting is itself only useful locally. Too much of it all put together and it’s too smelly, but locally and put to use it isn’t. I grew up with one, so I know houses who do composting would save the city money, and save themselves the collection taxes. Apartments and such would need community gardens or roof-gardens to be helpful.

This isn’t without possibility and I would like to followup with you on an invigorated local gardening plan and to what extent gardening will increase in the city and in Ward 27 for 2009.

I believe that these efforts would be widely accepted given the overly successful use of the Green Bin and as well appeal to all Wards.

In future we may indeed stop trucking in food every 5 days, but instead grow enough food locally, or some significant amount, and only truck in soil and compost once a year. Thus again saving crippling costs, improve food quality, and increase health.




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