Posted by: energyblogwalter | March 3, 2009

Re: Canada, U.S. share climate goals, Prentice says :: Toronto Star :: March 3rd, 2009

I’m no fan of tar sands, but there is a technology in Alberta that is being ignored that would mitigate much of the pollution.  Here’s my letter to the star editor;

To:, Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The media are ignoring a different method of oilsands development and
I would encourage a discussion with Petrobank.

This alternative that produces oil from oilsands has been on the books
since 2006 from Petrobank of Calgary called Whitesands.  This burns
underground thus nullifying the need to create a sequestering system.
If Harper was really serious, they’d support in situ developlemt and
not continue tar sands open pit mining.

This has been reported many times, but is always ignored?  I figure
it’s not mentioned not because it works, but because it’s an
inconvenient job killer.  It’s not a mining operation as much, and
does not need multiple billions to engage, only millions.  The billion
dollar subsidies are not there and thus this process is not used!  The
business case of subsidies clouds us and fails us all.

Alberta has the solution already, in use, and ready to expand.  Anyone
can just google petrobank whitesands and get information.  That we’re
ignoring an Alberta solution to solve Alberta’s problem unfortunately
means that pollution creation is more important than removal.  We have
to stop rewarding pollution.

However, with reduced mining all those workers will have to do
something, and I believe they can still go green at the same time,
into geothermal drilling and home installations, as its complimentary
to their skills.  Thus maximizing Alberta’s and our energy
opportunities, while showing the world we can reduce our pollution.

Until a less polluting million dollar project is considered over a
polluting billion dollar one, Alberta will continue to be under threat
of USA and world condemnation.  This whole thing can be avoided if we
mandated pollution control to our energy sector and stopped
subsidizing losers.  Until then real winners like Whitesands are just
sitting there, waiting.



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