Posted by: energyblogwalter | March 14, 2009

Re: Green wave must create jobs for poor : Toronto Star : March 14th, 2009

Green wave must create jobs for poor

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oddly to some, but this is how energy credits and carbon taxes work together

If I’m too poor to drive a car, I am not polluting, hence I don’t pay tax on energy or carbon. The most wealthy use and waste the most energy, and less so as you go down. Add an energy free market quota system, poor would have a quota credit, and wealthy would have a quota deficit. Buying their credit would help the poor not be so poor, and teach the wealthy to not pollute as much. Some middle ground occurs and our wealth is not in wasting energy. And if you can afford it fine, the poor still benefit. Conservation of Value instead of Conservation of Debt. Oh, and market driven too.

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Airmiles is a successful currency albeit not a direct one. Let’s muse on an energy currency like airmiles? Green purchases have more of a credit, polluted ones have more of a tax. Everything on a market green scale of 0-100. Use the card for greener things to save value, but even if it isn’t as green you can use it, at a cost. Market decides. Set it to $50-$500 credit on it to start, (based on income) that would allow you to use the credit without losing value. The next year, the Ont Gov’t refills the $50-$500 but less 3%/yr, to inspire more spending on green items (gov’t burden only initial, eventually to zero). Spending green, you’ll have more on the card and it will grow in value. If you want lower taxes you buy green things to offset. You learn and the market learns. Value grows. Think airmiles and you’ve got it. Could be setup in months, not years. Pretty simple really. Limit some items to limit abuse. How to improve?


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