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Green Act of Ontario Request for Comments : March 22nd, 2009

Ontario is about to pass its new Green Act and the Ministry is having a request for comments until March 26th. You can register and send your comment here: Ministry of Environment (Ontario)

My comment follows:

(1) Electric cars, (2) Thermal Energy Systems and (3) Cold Engineering Research

(1) Developing new alternative energy sources while not making any attempt to
fast-track electric cars in Ontario is utter hypocrisy. The Minister of
Transport has shamefully ignored repeated calls to embrace electric cars.
Canadians make electric cars but we cannot drive them in Ontario. We are
allowed to ride electric bikes but they aren’t made here. To have any
legitimacy to the advent of a green focus for the economy which includes local
green jobs, that naturally must also extend to general transportation and
include allowing 40 km/h electric cars on roads of 50km/h or less.
I can ride a bike, rick-saw, whatever, and it can’t go 50km/h either.
Everyday this is ignored unfortunately only shows how empty and lacking the
Green Act really is. Cars are safer than bikes. Allow electric cars and
reduce fatalities on our roads and reduce smog in all cities of Ontario.
They have limited use and with green generation people will want to
control their own power. If they have electric cars they will also more likely
get into self-generation.

(2) Thermal systems encompass the temperature properties (heat and cold) of air
(passive solar), ground (geothermal) and water (hydrothermal). As an example
about 5m down in the ground the temperature is 12C. There’s your air
conditioning! This is just land. Land is everywhere and similar systems of
thermal can cover 70% of home energy needs all across Ontario.
On a commercial level Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling is a thermal system
in Lake Ontario where it handles the air conditioning of buildings in the
downtown core of Toronto. (Go to Bay and Gerrard, take a look).
Passive solar is using the thermal properties of heated air (not solar
panels) to add heating in winter. The average system is between $10-$600 and
by far the cheapest solution.
We are not doing anywhere near enough to realize that we do not need
nuclear anymore and can just use the temperature properties of the air, land
and water around us without turning these into waste. This mental bubble of
creating waste needs to burst. Nuclear has no future, only a legacy.
The jobs offset by NOT going nuclear can more than be made up in the
construction and renovation industry in implementing thermal systems across the
province without the obvious limitations of nuclear installation. No NIMBYism
halting installation. Use energy where you need it. Thermal works everywhere
and anywhere and is unlike wind. Thermal is your new base load to replace
nuclear. Every house in the province can potentially have a thermal system
reducing electrical service load and line load.
As well you can net the savings back into further construction of thermal
systems, to the greater benefit, and zero debt energy for all Ontarians. The
era of Nuclear has now ended.

(3) Any city near a Great Lake should have thermal cooling. Any city on land
should have thermal. Any university should have cold engineering. We have 18
universities in Ontario, not one specializes in cold engineering.
Every year the GO train fails Ontarians in the cold of winter, this year
was no exception. Do you not think that strange? A Green Act may not seem to
be related but it is. A Green Act would encourage and promote engineering
solutions in all 18 universities but only if again we are serious in making the
largest impact. That impact cannot just be in Toronto, but in every city.
The largest opportunities are in our cities that have had the largest
layoffs (Windsor, Oshawa etc). Curiously Oshawa’s University UOIT has a very
large thermal installation. Don’t ignore it, embrace it.

The Green Act is only a start. However not using electric cars made here nor
touting thermal energy systems that clearly operate right now gives me pause to
think of its effectiveness and impact that would otherwise be obvious to
hundreds of thousands of jobs if implemented. By creating an Energy
Manufacturing Sector made up of drillers, engineers, construction workers and
renovators provides the greatest job opportunities over the broadest of sectors
in of our lifetime, yet appears to be completely remiss in this Green Act.

I implore you to please incorporate these three ideas and it will save you
money in a Global Recession, provide clean jobs, and provide clean
transportation which in turn reduces death by pollution. Its important to make
a clean foundation, and if we cannot make it in transportation, housing or
research, then what was the Act for?

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