Posted by: energyblogwalter | March 26, 2009

Re: 1,200 ‘green jobs’ in works for Kingston :: March 26th 2009



this is great news. nice to see the company was already on the way in spite of, not because of, the Green Act. The Act will certainly help in stabilizing prices and investment. But does it sound a little small? 5x bigger, if not at this plant then maybe repeated five times? Then at least we can stick one or two in Oshawa/Windsor? I hear there are a lot of plants there. At say 100,000 panels a year instead, that would fill the demand for cheap electricity. Not just homes and businesses but solar roofs on cars and trucks, even electric cars. Windows on tall buildings, even former-Skydome and the CN Tower? With enough you can even mandate solar to be included in new homes thus reducing the need for nuclear. With the need to replace coal in Ontario you can’t go slow with an idea whose time has finally come.

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