Posted by: energyblogwalter | April 5, 2009

Real Condo Critic: 900 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

What does “””have done their best to bring new levels of density””” mean?

The energy-density persistance in this building has high density versus a low availability of alt-energy. Density 100% of the time just for the sake of it fails understanding and is slightly insane. No trees for zero shade, noise, and pollution control. No stores on ground, or benches, no flat roof for a garden. Sadly new buildings like this one just have too many people in one spot for any alt-energy to work (ever). Too low a density and you can’t have transit. But too high and you can’t generate enough local energy, creating 100% dependency. We need to discover what the new happy balance is, even if it means more small buildings instead of one larger one. This one isn’t in the energy-density middle that has worked for more than 100 yrs and will not be a benefit to us in the years ahead. Sorry. Scale is off but the system can be renovated down to balance (PostCarbon 2015: C- )


  1. at least this one isn’t 17 stories high and can lose a few floors or flatten the roof for heat/cooling protection of a garden. Given the size lengthwise though, its energy density unit may be too large that way.

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