Posted by: energyblogwalter | April 14, 2009

TTC and a Green roof?

Hi Mr Giambrone (TTC Chair),

I was reading in the Toronto Star about implementing roof gardens by
city council, and nowhere would this be more effective than with TTC
property. Subway stations, outside platforms like Davisville,
Rosedale, Old Mill etc, especially bus bays, even offices could all
benefit from reduced loss due to heating and cooling expenses using
roof gardens. Any savings would then go towards help keeping the TTC
viable and encourage the practice in other built environments. I
think it would be a very positive step.

As well, the issue of what to do with too much compost due to the
green-bin program may kill two birds with one stone. Instead of
shipping out excess compost not capable of being handled by Toronto,
it could be diverted to the roof program for additional savings and

I was wondering what you thought of the bylaw and if you would be
seeking to suggest trying it with the TTC. The timing of the Toronto
Star article fits in well with gardening season, and would knit
together in people`s minds that Clean Air = TTC just in time for the
smog season. Prevention is worth a try, and I`d encourage you and
your office to consider it.

Best Regards,



  1. Email reply:

    “””Dear Walter,

    Thank you for your letter. Eglinton Station has a green roof being install currently, and there is one planned for Pape Station. Thank you again for your suggestions. If you have any further questions please contact me.


    Adam Giambrone
    Toronto City Councillor
    Ward 18 Davenport
    Chair, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) …”

  2. So it’s a start then. Despite the questions regarding the bylaw exceptions we’ll see how it goes. With some proven success I would certainly expect more to follow.

    original article :

    “Greens, builders both raining on green-roof plan”

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