Posted by: energyblogwalter | April 16, 2009

It’s Ukraine not the Ukraine

(this happens on and off enough I’ll think I’ll track it.
Correction to )

second paragraph ending sentence of “…from China to Russia, Romania to the Ukraine.” should not have ‘the’ in front of Ukraine. Four countries listed, and only one has a the in front of it?

Here’s why. Ukraine is a country no longer of the Soviet Union but at the time it was referred to as ‘the Ukraine’. This was done to denote its lesser regional status like the Balkans and not as a country like we know today.

Writers of pre-USSR era sometimes continue this habit and this gets missed by editors too. So I’d like to break you of this habit. Please remove the ‘the’ in this sentence.

We don’t say the Canada, or the China. Ukraine is a country and deserves respect in print as such. Anytime you find yourself adding the to Ukraine, ask yourself do I say the Canada? And the habit will eventually break.


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